Fairview Meadows Apartments

Fairview Meadows adds 200 apartments to the growing Sandy Boulevard area east of Portland, gateway to the Columbia River Gorge and conveniently close to the abundant jobs in nearby Troutdale. On a nearly five-acre site, the three- and four-story buildings will include a range of apartment types including four live-work units. 

The new homes help the City of Fairview further its goals for providing much-needed workforce housing as companies like Amazon build warehouses and other jobsites in the vicinity; the project was able to utilize city incentives to develop vacant land.  With two of the five buildings using podium-style construction, Fairview Meadows introduces this efficient construction type to the local jurisdiction, helping provide appropriate, desired density.

The podium construction allows three- or four-stories of wood-framed residential floors to be built over above- or below-grade structured parking, resulting in a hybrid bringing convenient transportation options to the popular suburban, increasingly pedestrian-friendly Fairview area. Moreover, the design makes good use of its sloping site and gateway-to-the-Gorge location north of Interstate 84: much of the complex is situated on a 10% grade affording enhanced views of the Gorge for as many units as possible. 


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Fairview, OR


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